Positive Thinking Produces Results

On closing out the new year, I find it necessary to keep reminding myself of all the good that happened in 2016 while watching so many around me curse 2016 for all the bad things.

Positive Thinking Produces Good Results. Dwelling on the bad stuff does not.

  • Yes, we had an election from Hell that did not go well.  This COULD bring us terrible things ahead.
  • Yes, we are seeing people wrongly harmed and treated in deplorable manners in the name of corporate greed.
  • Yes, the number of people who have died before  old age this year seems higher than usual.

But we do not have to give in to these bad signs and let them deter us from doing good, moving forward, or believing in the greater good. My faith and personal will power helps me do this.

  • There could be a positive reason the election had to take the turn it did. We do not know the final result of this yet.
  • In my opinion, the terrible things being done are not just done in corporate greed. There’s something deeper at work. But good will prevail. Prayer and steadiness will win out in the end.
  • We’ve had a few deaths in our friends and family too in 2016. We have a few at risk, some close to time, some in a little scary situations. But we were blessed with more time than we thought with loved ones too. We expected a lot more to go in 2016 than have.

Unlike so many around me, I refused to end 2016 by telling it to jump in front of a bus and die. I choose to be thankful for the opportunities it has given us and to trust that God has a plan in mind.

Like Frodo says, “There’s some good left in this world. And it’s worth fighting for.”

Remember that. Frodo’s words ring true not only for things that happen around the world, but also in our own lives.

The bad stuff won’t stop when 2017 comes around. There’s no guarantee that 2017 will be better. It could even be worse.

We’re not always in a position to join a fight for good, due to our individual circumstances and limitations. But we can pray for those who are.

We may not understand why things go a certain way, but we can fall upon on our faith to trust there is a reason. And do our best to lessen its effects in our own life, for ourselves and those connected with us.

We don’t know if we have one day left, or ten thousand days left.  Live each day in gratitude for being alive one more day. Do at least one productive thing each day to prepare for the rest of your life as if you have ten thousand days left.

Stepping into 2017 with a positive outlook.

I’m refusing to give in to anxiety and dread of those things I have warnings of. Giving in to anxiety only serves to deter me from success. There will be enough failures that occur naturally, for you cannot have success without going through failure.

I’m thankful that I am not one who needs medication to do this. Being thankful is one thing we should do all year long.

A lot of opportunity has come my way in my career building. This is both fun and a little scary. Not only does it mean I stand to move forward in leaps and bounds, it also means if I do not exert self control to move forward and fail, it’s a total fail in this area of my life.

So I won’t fail. Means controling my “stage fright” and pushing my introvert nature at times. But I keep reminding myself I’ve proven that I have the ability to do what’s needed numerous times in my past already.

Death. It’s coming for those around me I’m sure. Who, we can’t be certain at times. And I can’t be certain it won’t come for me. But no use dwelling on it. Whether I have 5 or 25 years left, I’ve decided to make the most of it.

Health. Kind of goes along with above. I face a few challenges this year. But they can be overcome, with work and determination. And if something worse comes along next year, well, a healthier me stands a better chance at dealing with it. I won’t go down without a bit of a fight in this area.

Tasks for 2017:

  • Meet the career goals. (Be THE Coffee Copywriter. Rest of details not for public view.)
  • Meet the health goals. (Lower BP, Lower Cholesterol, Ward off Diabetes, Influence others to improve.)
  • Marion Margaret Press (Take it to the next level with new line of books from me and more from Sandie Bergen.)
  • Horses (Get back into the action. Figure out what to do with Tyme.)

Note: I don’t get into political or religious debates and this post may encourage others to give their thoughts and opinions on this. Not the purpose of this post – it’s about facing bad things with positive attitude. For this reason, comments are closed. Anywhere I share this post I ask readers to respect this and keep their thoughts on politics, conspiracy theories, and anti-Christianity to themselves. Thoughts on positive thinking welcome though.