Shows With Music As A Feature

Music doesn’t pay a crucial role for me in whether or not I like a show, but there are two shows I’ve gotten into this year where the music does influence me. I go more for British shows, but also ones in New Zealand and Austrailia.

The Brokenwood Mysteries is more of a laid back small town murder mystery show. The detective inspector loves his country music and the show is full of it. Unlike many series featuring country music, you don’t find Brokenwood full of cowboys and ranchers. The scenery has a lot of vineyards. And a lot of beautiful outdoors: woods, mountains, beaches, etc.


Then there’s the ever popular Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries featuring the 1920’s era, with all the fashion and music of the times. This is more of a series mixing the excitement and social challenges of the time.

Miss Fisher is becoming a sort of cult classic all over the world. A strong woman living life as she chooses and not caring what the men or even the other women around her think. It helps that she’s rich and has the means to push her way into any situation.

I watch these with my Acorn subscription. As much as I can. For some stupid reason, I have to pay extra for season three of Miss Fisher’s Mysteries. I won’t. I watch what I’m able to with my stream subscription and don’t pay more for individual shows. I will order in the dvd edition of season three though.

I am sad to know there won’t be a season four, but thrilled to know there’s three or four movies to continue the series with coming. They’re going to give her a more Indiana Jones style of adventures. Very fitting for this lady detective.

And a spinoff tv series coming with another actress playing an 18 year old Miss Fisher. Depending on how good the actress is, this could be a fun series to get into.

Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd talking with the deceased.

As for Brokenwood Mysteries, it is confirmed for a fourth season. This makes me very happy.

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