A Random Observation and Thoughts

He was a gruff looking individual with the clean jeans and white shirt of a well-bathed outdoors man. His baseball cap and medium length, grizzly gray beard spoke of the typical macho man.

But his body language and walk were the opposite. He walked tiptoes first, as a woman does in high heels. His smile was a little too perky. The smacking of his lips as he talked took away from his masculinity.

His personality and manners were bold and confident. With no fear of talking to women or men alike, he moved through the room saying hello to everyone.

This man’s appearance, mannerisms, and body language revealed a much more complex individual than the stereotypical male.

This man behaved as if following two separate rules of what being himself meant. Perhaps due to an alternative lifestyle at home. Perhaps due to being raised by and around people of multiple lifestyles.

Whatever the truth, his confidence said he was comfortable in his own skin, and surrounded by people who accepted him as he was. It spoke of a man who lived as he feels right to do, and of a society that let him.

What is the secret to this personal power?

The community in which one lives? A society who allows people to develop and grow as they see fit without judging. Perhaps a society that does not bury itself in devices, hearing the repeated outcries of the self proclaimed oppressed. That learns to relax and just BE.

My confidence has grown as I’ve become more educated. As I’ve taken an interest in myself to be the best I can be in health, business, and spirituality. As I live to please myself and live by my own standards, versus living by the standards of others.

Working 60 hours a week seemed way too overwhelming at first, but my education and experience has advanced me to new levels. I appreciate my potential and my ability more.

I hang around people online who are on the same path as I am, some a lot further along this path than I. Many of these people I’ll meet in person in October, some I’ve met with via phone. Others I will still meet on phone, skype, or even in person before then.

I’ve begun meeting with business people in my industry niche. Many opportunities have come my way. I feel many more coming.

Negative people don’t belong in my life now. No matter where their paths lie, the people I’m with spend their time promoting what’s right, not what’s wrong. They see something wrong in their pathway, they do something to help improve it.


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