Watching Shows and Listening to Books

We rarely watch TV anymore. It’s more there for when the kids come over to play their shows. The idiot box gets more attention during foul weather to keep track of storms than any other time. And then it’s less than it used to be.

We spend a lot of our show watching time in Amazon Prime. We’ve become attached to shows like 800 Words and the The Heart Guy lately.

I watched a series called Mayday this last week. It’s a show about how a girl’s disappearance affects this community. Suddenly everyone is wondering who did it, knowing the chances are that it was one of them.

Everyone has their weird sides, the little quirks in their personalities that are odd. Usually we live with one another and accept them as they are. Mayday illustrated how those individual oddities are amplified when everyone is under suspicion.

Love the part about the rocks. Not saying any more. You’ll just have to watch the show to see what I’m talking about.

Years ago, I worked as marketing manager for a publisher who had to close after a short business life. I met Michael Hultquist then and started to represent his book with the publisher.

We stayed in touch since then. He runs Chili Pepper Madness and creates awesome recipes. I bet I use one of his recipes for our meals once a week. I’m a sucker for poblanos and jalapenos.

Michael is one of the writers for a movie called 12 Feet Deep that released last week. I rented it through Prime. (With rentals, you get access to the show for a period of 7 days, to start when you first play the movie. You have 30 days to start the movie on the rental plan.)

I’m used to movies with multiple locations and a lot larger cast of characters. I expected to see a movie that’s written well with a good storyline, but slow moving.

I was wrong.

This movie is great. It didn’t drag one bit. Kept my attention the whole way…it was intense! I love how the sisters’ back story was woven throughout the experience to give it more feeling, and more intensity.

People are commenting on how the movie makes them a little fearful now when they visit their local swimming pool. LOL  I’m more concerned about the people working at the swimming pool after watching this movie.

Thrillers that go deep into the characters personalities and stories appeal to me. Sometimes more than thrillers that also provide a lot of action or special effects. This one gave me all of that.

Another long time author friend of mine recently had one of her books published into Audible. For her, I got a membership.

I met her when Arthur of her futuristic Authurian legend series was just being developed. Her writing fascinated me back in those days and it still does today. Her books are ones I read more than once.

I’m still making my way through the audio book for Darkspire Reaches, but loving it. Julie Hinton does a wonderful job of getting the characters’ personalities to come out. You team this up with C.N. Lesley’s wonderful words and it’s a very entertaining book to listen to.

She gets deep into the character’s emotions and helps you feel what the character is going through. Action is well paced, settings and scenes so wonderfully illustrated. Beautifully read by Julie Hinton.

I’ll be looking for more books read by her when I need to get the next one.


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