Inspiration and Determination

Life is tough. Doing what you love to do takes not only desire, but determination to overcome any obstacles in your path.

For fourteen years, Clayton was a part of our lives. Almost on a daily basis.

He became one of my husband’s closest friend, perhaps his best friend. (Next to me, of course. 😛 )  Not positive I could say that my husband was Clayton’s best friend…one of his best friends perhaps.

He was just that kind of guy. All heart and room for so many.

For me, he was inspiration. A hero of sorts. For our daughter, he was the big brother she never had.

Clayton held down a full time job, ran a cattle ranch, auctioneered, taught future ranchers, and so much more.

Pretty much from a wheelchair. He had a disability since birth, but you could never say he was disabled. Not even when things progressed to where he had to use the wheelchair all the time and couldn’t even function with crutches.

When life gets you down. When there are obstacles, physical or mental, threatening to not let you be who you want or do what you want. When you find fear moving in. When self confidence threatens to stop you.

Think of this guy.

Forge ahead. Find a way to make it work.

Be like Clayton.


Check out this youtube video about Clayon to see why he influenced hundreds of people during his short life. This was an interesting find for me because my husband was actually with him when the call came through about his house burning down that’s mentioned at the first of the video.


Link to the recent story about his death here with another video.


***Featured image is one of Clayton’s favorite cows.

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