Reawakening a personal blog

In the midst of writing for my specific blogs and the blogs of others, ideas for bringing this one back to life have inspired me. Life, book publishing, book reviews, art, and writing are the main categories for Good Books By Lamplight.

Good Books By Lamplight is a term that embodies the way life should be lived. A good book to take you on a journey away from the stress and misery of life. Reading that book by just enough light to make it cozy and comfortable…inspiring you to take on the pressures of real life with a new zeal when you’re done.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
~~ Dr. Seuss

Our children need to be encouraged to read books, and they need to learn how to write cursive. Both abilities our school systems are currently trying to squash. Just two of the many ways America is being “dumbed down” from the inside.

“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.”
~~ Dr. Seuss

I raised my kids to read and write. Even before I became a writer, though, I must admit I’ve known I’d be an author since I wrote and illustrated my first book at the age of ten. The years in between were just preparing me for my publishing career.


Being creative is important to our well-being. We must explore our imagination and we need to read books to experience things we cannot experience otherwise. We need this to learn who we truly are.

Today, I’m writing a dragon story for an anothology that will feature some of my older stories, along with special ones from two other people. A close friend, who passed away in 2015, and one of my husband’s stories.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
Benjamin Franklin

My creative process has been stifled since I lost my friend, though I have not lost the drive to create in the written word or the art. Ever since her death, I’ve been working to reclaim my own writing process.

I’ve even taken courses by other authors to help spur my progress, like James Patterson. It’s been a rough road, but I’m happy to say there’s been a break through, of sorts, and the words have been flowing at a much better speed.

Perhaps all the ideas that have came to me during this time will finally find their way to their own pages.

I’m feeling more myself. This blog is part of that journey.


Writing and Art…I’m setting up various sites to share my journey on creating with others. Publishing books to distribute and sell in both fiction and non-fiction. Working with both graphics and the acrylics and conte pastels again.

Book Reviews…I read, therefore I should share. Carefully, as to not attract trolls who may crash the party.

Life…What goes on in life that contributes to our creations. How are our experiences reflected on the page and canvas?