Shows With Music As A Feature

Music doesn’t pay a crucial role for me in whether or not I like a show, but there are two shows I’ve gotten into this year where the music does influence me. I go more for British shows, but also ones in New Zealand and Austrailia.

The Brokenwood Mysteries is more of a laid back small town murder mystery show. The detective inspector loves his country music and the show is full of it. Unlike many series featuring country music, you don’t find Brokenwood full of cowboys and ranchers. The scenery has a lot of vineyards. And a lot of beautiful outdoors: woods, mountains, beaches, etc.


Then there’s the ever popular Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries featuring the 1920’s era, with all the fashion and music of the times. This is more of a series mixing the excitement and social challenges of the time.

Miss Fisher is becoming a sort of cult classic all over the world. A strong woman living life as she chooses and not caring what the men or even the other women around her think. It helps that she’s rich and has the means to push her way into any situation.

I watch these with my Acorn subscription. As much as I can. For some stupid reason, I have to pay extra for season three of Miss Fisher’s Mysteries. I won’t. I watch what I’m able to with my stream subscription and don’t pay more for individual shows. I will order in the dvd edition of season three though.

I am sad to know there won’t be a season four, but thrilled to know there’s three or four movies to continue the series with coming. They’re going to give her a more Indiana Jones style of adventures. Very fitting for this lady detective.

And a spinoff tv series coming with another actress playing an 18 year old Miss Fisher. Depending on how good the actress is, this could be a fun series to get into.

Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd talking with the deceased.

As for Brokenwood Mysteries, it is confirmed for a fourth season. This makes me very happy.

Positive Thinking Produces Results

On closing out the new year, I find it necessary to keep reminding myself of all the good that happened in 2016 while watching so many around me curse 2016 for all the bad things.

Positive Thinking Produces Good Results. Dwelling on the bad stuff does not.

  • Yes, we had an election from Hell that did not go well.  This COULD bring us terrible things ahead.
  • Yes, we are seeing people wrongly harmed and treated in deplorable manners in the name of corporate greed.
  • Yes, the number of people who have died before  old age this year seems higher than usual.

But we do not have to give in to these bad signs and let them deter us from doing good, moving forward, or believing in the greater good. My faith and personal will power helps me do this.

  • There could be a positive reason the election had to take the turn it did. We do not know the final result of this yet.
  • In my opinion, the terrible things being done are not just done in corporate greed. There’s something deeper at work. But good will prevail. Prayer and steadiness will win out in the end.
  • We’ve had a few deaths in our friends and family too in 2016. We have a few at risk, some close to time, some in a little scary situations. But we were blessed with more time than we thought with loved ones too. We expected a lot more to go in 2016 than have.

Unlike so many around me, I refused to end 2016 by telling it to jump in front of a bus and die. I choose to be thankful for the opportunities it has given us and to trust that God has a plan in mind.

Like Frodo says, “There’s some good left in this world. And it’s worth fighting for.”

Remember that. Frodo’s words ring true not only for things that happen around the world, but also in our own lives.

The bad stuff won’t stop when 2017 comes around. There’s no guarantee that 2017 will be better. It could even be worse.

We’re not always in a position to join a fight for good, due to our individual circumstances and limitations. But we can pray for those who are.

We may not understand why things go a certain way, but we can fall upon on our faith to trust there is a reason. And do our best to lessen its effects in our own life, for ourselves and those connected with us.

We don’t know if we have one day left, or ten thousand days left.  Live each day in gratitude for being alive one more day. Do at least one productive thing each day to prepare for the rest of your life as if you have ten thousand days left.

Stepping into 2017 with a positive outlook.

I’m refusing to give in to anxiety and dread of those things I have warnings of. Giving in to anxiety only serves to deter me from success. There will be enough failures that occur naturally, for you cannot have success without going through failure.

I’m thankful that I am not one who needs medication to do this. Being thankful is one thing we should do all year long.

A lot of opportunity has come my way in my career building. This is both fun and a little scary. Not only does it mean I stand to move forward in leaps and bounds, it also means if I do not exert self control to move forward and fail, it’s a total fail in this area of my life.

So I won’t fail. Means controling my “stage fright” and pushing my introvert nature at times. But I keep reminding myself I’ve proven that I have the ability to do what’s needed numerous times in my past already.

Death. It’s coming for those around me I’m sure. Who, we can’t be certain at times. And I can’t be certain it won’t come for me. But no use dwelling on it. Whether I have 5 or 25 years left, I’ve decided to make the most of it.

Health. Kind of goes along with above. I face a few challenges this year. But they can be overcome, with work and determination. And if something worse comes along next year, well, a healthier me stands a better chance at dealing with it. I won’t go down without a bit of a fight in this area.

Tasks for 2017:

  • Meet the career goals. (Be THE Coffee Copywriter. Rest of details not for public view.)
  • Meet the health goals. (Lower BP, Lower Cholesterol, Ward off Diabetes, Influence others to improve.)
  • Marion Margaret Press (Take it to the next level with new line of books from me and more from Sandie Bergen.)
  • Horses (Get back into the action. Figure out what to do with Tyme.)

Note: I don’t get into political or religious debates and this post may encourage others to give their thoughts and opinions on this. Not the purpose of this post – it’s about facing bad things with positive attitude. For this reason, comments are closed. Anywhere I share this post I ask readers to respect this and keep their thoughts on politics, conspiracy theories, and anti-Christianity to themselves. Thoughts on positive thinking welcome though.

Something Good is Bound to Happen

On this rainy day, I thought I’d write something a little inspiring. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone takes a bit of facing fears for some, courage for others, and a bit of both for some. Often, it’s a question of not realizing we can face new experiences and overcome the obstacles those experiences place before us.

Certainly, we’ve all had to face uncertainty and didn’t have a choice of whether or not to meet the challenges that came with it. Maybe when you’re faced with stepping out of your comfort zone to take the next step in your career or domestic life, you need to remind yourself of your past achievements.

For me, it’s stepping out to commit to years of responsibility to jumpstart my career at a time when others have said I should perhaps slow down or do something else. That I’ve wasted enough time without getting a strong enough return.

Sure, I let this process take longer than it probably should have, but I don’t think I have completely wasted my time. I believe I’ve been laying the ground work for something greater. For something that will make a positive change in our lives. We’ll be able to have better control over the choices in our lives, and to rid our life of some damaging circumstances.

This is something that requires me to remain steady, to stay positive.

I doubted that I had the courage to stay on the course put before me, that I’ve proven I will not do it already. I almost didn’t take this leap in faith for something I know I want and need. Then, I remembered a time in my life.

I had lived life as a sheltered only child at home for most of my life, being 9 years behind my youngest sibling. I was taken care of, and the safe paths were laid before me to choose from. But I stepped out of my comfort zone then because I wanted more, just like now.

I quit college and joined the Air Force. This took doing things I wasn’t very‌ interested in doing. Traveling alone by bus, then being examined and scrutinized by strangers. Then being accepted and having to stay alone in a strange hotel with many people I didn’t know, and then flying in a few scary airplanes to an even scarier place.

While in basic training, I did what I was told. I followed the pack. I allowed 15 inches of my hair to be cut off. I became a pack mule and did exercises every morning way earlier than my mind and body claimed was natural. I did kitchen duty while defending myself from cockroaches bigger than my dog.

I had one goal once basic training started. To make it through in one shot so I could have a normal life again. We learned the dreaded word “recycle.” No one wanted to be recycled through basic training and relive the stressful time all over again.

By my wits, determination, and quick thinking, I avoided being recycled a few times.

While performing night guard duty, I missed a security step and allowed a Sergeant instructor in the door before I should have. He ripped into me with a vengeance over that. But I got another chance because I held my ground and stood firm, looking right into his eyes. Trust me, he was not kind to me and his verbal attack would have had Hercules himself cringing in fear.

But I willed myself to stay strong, and in the end he respected that. I was given the chance to make up for that mistake and I did.

Another day there were a few members recycled for not staying still. We were in this parade on a very hot day. We were to stand at attention for a long time during one part of it. Our instructors coached us on how to stand so we don’t pass out, and drilled us over and over again how we cannot move an inch, no matter what. That dreaded word “recycle” was put upon us again.

We couldn’t help our buddy next to us if he or she fainted. We couldn’t flinch at anything near us. We were not to sneeze or cough even. NO MOVEMENT.

I was determined not to be one of the recycled ones. It came close. A fly, almost as determined at ruining my life as I was at living my own life, tried to bring me down. This vile creature buzzed around me, took a joy ride around my earlobe, landed on my cheek, and enjoyed a casual stroll around my face. Never had creepy little insect legs tortured me so.

I stood there. Solid. Not moving one muscle. All because I made myself believe I could. I kept my mind on the goal I wanted to achieve, which was to get out of there and on my path to a normal daily life again.

Then, later, just before graduating from basic training a friend and I made a major mistake. We missed saluting an officer, not just any officer, but a General. This could have ended very, very badly.

I learned something about myself that day. I learned that I have a really good instinct for dealing with tough situations.

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m a quiet person who does not do a lot of small talk. But that day, I did a lot of fast, coherent, intelligent talking to that general. While we were lightly reprimanded, we were not recycled.

My friend, who panicked and froze, thought I had super powers. I didn’t. I just gave myself the chance to let my own internal power out to lead me. We often stop listening to our best guides inside us who tells us how to deal with tough situations and get through them better than we entered.

Each day, I let that guide inside me motivate and direct me. She gives me faith, helps me open my eyes to opportunities that come to me each day, and tells me to stop being idle when I get lazy or procrastinate. She has a tough job, for I am lazy and I’ve perfected the ability to procrastinate.

When you doubt or fear, think back to memories of what you’ve faced in life and how you made it through them. Find the sources of your strengths. Find the proof of your abilities that you’ve never given yourself credit for and work on making them greater. Let your internal guide out.

Something good is bound to happen.

My new inspirational bracelet I made for myself.
My new inspirational bracelet I made for myself.


Reawakening a personal blog

In the midst of writing for my specific blogs and the blogs of others, ideas for bringing this one back to life have inspired me. Life, book publishing, book reviews, art, and writing are the main categories for Good Books By Lamplight.

Good Books By Lamplight is a term that embodies the way life should be lived. A good book to take you on a journey away from the stress and misery of life. Reading that book by just enough light to make it cozy and comfortable…inspiring you to take on the pressures of real life with a new zeal when you’re done.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
~~ Dr. Seuss

Our children need to be encouraged to read books, and they need to learn how to write cursive. Both abilities our school systems are currently trying to squash. Just two of the many ways America is being “dumbed down” from the inside.

“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.”
~~ Dr. Seuss

I raised my kids to read and write. Even before I became a writer, though, I must admit I’ve known I’d be an author since I wrote and illustrated my first book at the age of ten. The years in between were just preparing me for my publishing career.


Being creative is important to our well-being. We must explore our imagination and we need to read books to experience things we cannot experience otherwise. We need this to learn who we truly are.

Today, I’m writing a dragon story for an anothology that will feature some of my older stories, along with special ones from two other people. A close friend, who passed away in 2015, and one of my husband’s stories.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
Benjamin Franklin

My creative process has been stifled since I lost my friend, though I have not lost the drive to create in the written word or the art. Ever since her death, I’ve been working to reclaim my own writing process.

I’ve even taken courses by other authors to help spur my progress, like James Patterson. It’s been a rough road, but I’m happy to say there’s been a break through, of sorts, and the words have been flowing at a much better speed.

Perhaps all the ideas that have came to me during this time will finally find their way to their own pages.

I’m feeling more myself. This blog is part of that journey.


Writing and Art…I’m setting up various sites to share my journey on creating with others. Publishing books to distribute and sell in both fiction and non-fiction. Working with both graphics and the acrylics and conte pastels again.

Book Reviews…I read, therefore I should share. Carefully, as to not attract trolls who may crash the party.

Life…What goes on in life that contributes to our creations. How are our experiences reflected on the page and canvas?